Welcome to the ShowGirl Temple, the evolution of BurlyQFit.

Build your energy, move through challenges gracefully and share your power in the world by dancing with the Divine Feminine.

Sparkling from the inside out, connected to all aspects of femininity -- ferocity, frustration, fear, joy, determination, sweetness, sexuality -- ShowGirls are glittering manifestations of the Divine Feminine, giving us a place to play with these energies and be proud of all that we are. 

While the Showgirl Temple builds online, join the Facebook Group to participate in New and Full Moon Rituals, receive monthly guidance to dance with a particular aspect of Divine Femininity, and share your journey with a fabulous community of women. 

Since we know sensual dance helps us break free of shame and experience the creative spark of the Universe within our bodies, ShowGirl Temple will include Burlesque instruction videos with The High Priestess of Tease, Eva D'Luscious.  Eva also is available for private classes, performance and speaking engagements.

ShowGirls make the world around them a more joyful place in energy and action.  Eva is thrilled to be part of Pin-Ups for Charity, which has created a 52 Card Pin-Up Deck to support Raphael House in their mission to end intimate partner violence.  Order your deck now!

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Bling & Blessings!

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