Release the Old!

Two weeks ago I shared that BurlyQFit and I are going through a shift. 

BOOM – here it is!

On the New Moon I launched ShowGirl Temple – a safe space for sacred, sensual dance.  Here we dance Divine Feminine energy for ourselves, for our partners and for our world. 

I’m thrilled to step into a space that feels fully me!

I’ve struggled for over 2 years to turn BurlyQFit into a viable, self-supporting business.  My goal was to help women find their sexy energy and gain confidence through Burlesque-based fitness. 

In a society constantly telling us we aren’t enough, Burlesque offers incredible power to be applauded for being your most Fabulous self (inside and out).  Discovering Burlesque was like entering an entirely new world and I’m grateful and inspired every time I help another person through that glittering door.

And yet I know many people don’t want to take their clothes off on stage, or even dance on stage. I’ve also learned that many people have a hard time stepping into a dance class, fearing judgment from other students or teachers.

One of my strengths as a teacher, and a human, is to make ideas and practices that seem weird or intimidating fun, normal and exciting.  I thought that putting Burlesque in terms of fitness would make it more welcoming and accessible to others.  Maybe it can, maybe it can’t, but I haven’t found the way to run BurlyQFit in a way that nurtures me, and my students. 

I’ve spent so much time trying to find people and convince them that this is a good thing for them, that I’m losing joy in my dance and in my teaching.  I’ve spent a lot time learning to be a better marketer, a better teacher and a better fitness instructor. I’m grateful for all of that learning. 

And it’s time to say ENOUGH and evolve this into a space where I’m just as happy as the day I first realized I could shimmy on stage and light up an entire room.

So I’m transitioning BurlyQFit into ShowGirl Temple – a place where we can gather with other women to grow into our most shining selves.

Each lunar cycle we’ll focus on a different aspect of Divine Femininity.  On the New Moon I’ll hold a quick ritual to draw a card from the Goddess Guidance Oracle.  In the following weeks I’ll lead you in creating your own dance to embody the energy of this Goddess and of the current moon.  On the Full Moon we’ll gather to dance together – wherever we may be physically. 

The ShowGirl Temple Facebook Group is our virtual well to ask questions, share wisdom and receive support for our experience.  You are welcome to share thoughts, insights, art, music and wisdom that support all of the Temple Sisters as we take this journey.  I expect things to shift and grow as we grow.

Those of you who may worry that Goddess, Temple and Sacred are thrown around too freely and connote a very specific way of dress, dance or expression need not worry – I still love Led Zeppelin, cheesy ‘80s rap and Yacht Rock, dark fantasy films and questionably appropriate humor.  As long as you respect yourself and others in the group you’re welcome to participate and there is space for a variety of expressions.

I will continue to offer customized Burlesque training online and in person.  The recorded videos are being reorganized into online workshops that reflect my past Burlesque curriculum starting with Burlesque Basics, progressing to Intermediate Burlesque Skills such as Fan and Chair Dancing and Boa work, and moving on to developing an act.  Details about how to sign up for a specific segment will be shared soon.

No performance is required, you can take classes or progress through the videos in your own space and time and use the delicious energy to fill your own cup – after all sometimes just knowing that you can carry off a seductive strip is energizing enough!

I also will continue offering weekly Burlesque & ShowGirl Technique classes in Portland; currently Wednesdays 6-7:00pm.  I’ve created Dance with ShowGirl Temple as it’s own Facebook Group to share those details, so I don’t overwhelm the main ShowGirl Temple Facebook Group with posts about it.  Please join there if you want to take those classes.

You may still find that all the dancing is a great workout, but our focus in ShowGirl Temple is to dance the creative spark of the Universe into our bodies, nourish ourselves in community with other women, and share our Divinity with love and grace. The weekly email content will shift more toward this direction, including tips on dance technique.

If you would like to continue on this journey join the ShowGirl Temple Facebook Group, and join me Monday, October 2, 10:30am PST.  I’ll be in conversation about working with Kali and the New Moon in Virgo with dear friend, Ayurdevic Practitioner & Baddass, Shannon Elsom.  Recording will be added to ShowGirl Temple.  Zoom Call:

If your path lies elsewhere please click the “Unsubscribe” button below.  I wish you much love, joy and glitter. 

Bling & Blessings, Eva D’Luscious
Eva D’Luscious is a Burlesque performer, producer, MC and instructor based in Portland, OR. She is High-Priestess of Tease in the Showgirl Temple (formerly BurlyQFit), bringing Goddesses and Legendary Women to Burlesque stages.  Today she is working with Kali to accept the chaos of her 13-year old son.