The Gospel of Glitter

I am the High Priestess of Tease, spreading the Gospel of Glitter far and wide.  Sound silly or a bit “out there”?  I assure you, much thought has gone into my Gospel of Glitter and it’s something I’m very passionate about.

My Gospel of Glitter is creating a safe, welcoming space for people of all body shapes, sizes and genders to celebrate their creativity and sexuality. We’ve been taught for a long time that sexuality is a bad thing, and yet we humans cannot exist without sex.  Sexual energy is powerful, it is the creative force life requires and this causes fear in those who are unbalanced in their energies and feeling out of control, consciously or unconsciously.

I believe that sexuality is normal, healthy, something to treat with respect and to celebrate.  Constant shaming around sexuality makes talking about a very normal and natural aspect of our lives taboo, the end result being institutionalized sexual aggression and harassment.  For me Burlesque is a playful way to engage with sexuality and invite others into the conversation.

Modern Burlesque takes many forms, and not all shows are a safe haven, but the majority of places I’ve performed support the power of my sexuality to enchant, excite and crack people up.  I reach them with an important message of self-love and acceptance through the veil of entertainment.  I’m happiest when female audience members tell me that my shining on stage makes them feel more comfortable with their own sexuality, and I know I’m sending a little Glitter home with them.

I feel so blessed to receive this knowledge! The only better thing I can do is provide a safe space for others to learn the same.  Some of my students have become professional performers, some did one performance, some never got on stage, but all of them received loving support for embodying powerful energy.  I see them strut out the studio door, more confident in their bodies and their selves and I know the Glitter will sprinkle off them too. 

I created BurlyQFit to share the Gospel of Glitter even further.  BurlyQFit is based in fitness for those who might not be comfortable taking a class in-person, who like the sassy attitude but can’t imagine doing a striptease -- even at home alone! Doing the movements and playing with this energy in your safe space feels good and will certainly bring Glitter to your life, and once you feel it I know you’ll pass the sparkle on.

I hope you'll join me online or in the studio soon!  Bling & Blessings, Eva