Be The Change

Feel like the world is going crazy right now? You aren’t entirely wrong.  There is major shift happening right now and natural and human made disasters are part of it.  How to come through the pain and suffering you see around you and on the news?

Years ago at Earthdance NorCal I attended an Elders’ Council. It was around the time the world was expected to end according to a Long Count Mayan Calendar.

A Mayan Shaman shared this: “you all have it confused.” The world itself isn’t ending -- it’s the world as you know it. The Earth, along with the rest of our galaxy, is traveling through different energetic spaces in the Universe, these spaces vibrate differently, and we’re coming to a space that isn’t in harmony with Earth. That will cause disruption in the form of cataclysmic weather events (yup, for real he said that years ago) and fear from people who don’t understand this shift and who live in anger and scarcity.

Humanity will be presented with an opportunity to either disintegrate into war over resources because we are stuck in fear, or to come closer together by demonstrating love and compassion and helping each other.  Not just with kind words and thoughts (which do matter), but in action. You are either part of the revival or part of the disintegration.  There is no waiting for others to take care of our world, it’s up to us everyday to tip the balance to Love through our words and actions.

Whatever your beliefs about the Universe, it’s clear that this Wise Man was telling us to Be The Change.

The past few weeks I’ve especially taken this to heart and accepted invitations to be part of this change.  I’m sharing a few of the organizations I’m honored to support, some for years, others more recently.

Knowing that I’m giving time and resources to others keeps me going when it seems that things are falling apart.

Please consider how you can support these or other organizations uplifting our communities financially or with your time; even sharing fundraisers and signing petitions is helpful!

Tell us what you’re doing in the ShowGirl Temple Facebook Group or comments. We don’t always share our good works because we want to focus on the beneficiaries or know that as a global citizen this is what you do, but our experience inspires others to action and deserves appreciation too!

Bling & Blessings, Eva D’Luscious

Hurricane Maria Caribbean Relief Fund – Weeks after Hurricane Maria massive support is still needed in Puerto Rico, Dominica and the Virgin Islands.

Raphael House – Pin-Ups for Charity has created a deck of 13 lovely ladies to support Raphael House in their mission to end intimate partner violence.  Pre-order yours here and look for me on the Number 5 Cards!

Northern California Fire Storm – Just over two years ago we moved from the area that has been very hard hit by the fires, my cousin and her family are still evacuated from their home.  Chimera Arts has created this site to gather updates, donation locations and resource requests.

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – My production company, Cabaret de Caliente, has been raising funds for the Russian River branch of this global organization for several years.  SPI is devoted to community service, ministry and outreach to groups pushed to the fringes of society.  Last year I was named St. Bublicious for these efforts and plan to be more active with my local Portland, OR, Chapter.

American Civil Liberties Organization – Dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of civil liberties and civil rights.  Now more than ever!

Amnesty International – Working worldwide to tackle the most pressing human rights violations, including in the US. 

Eva D’Luscious is a Burlesque performer, producer, MC and instructor based in Portland, OR. She is High-Priestess of Tease in the Showgirl Temple (formerly BurlyQFit), bringing Goddesses and Legendary Women to Burlesque stages and loves participating in Parties with a Purpose.  ShowGirl Temple offers New and Full Moon Dance Rituals to connect with the Divine Feminine and dance our change.