Can't Stop, Won't Stop

If you’ve been following the last few emails you know that I’ve come up against some major challenges the last few months.  Both time and money are in short supply, and with two kids at home on Summer Break and a sparkling empire to build I sometimes feel straight beat down.

But I can’t stop doing BurlyQFit.  I won’t stop. Now that I have discovered a place I feel Fabulous and a gift to share with the world I’m going to keep spreading the glitter as far and wide as I possibly can.

That means that I’ve been learning new things almost constantly, about teaching, about business, about dance, about how to keep myself going without totally collapsing into a heap – OK, I collapse, but I get back up!!!
So how do I do it?

I go back to doing something that brings me joy and fills my cup. 

I learned this around age 26 during my first Saturn Return.  I was very unhappy in my corporate job, but since most of the world around me said “money = success” I didn’t have specific ideas about how to shift.  I decided to be OK in not knowing (with some help from The Tao of Pooh) and immerse myself in one thing that gave me complete joy: playing with my friends.

We had parties, went to shows, travelled, had weekly Women’s Night -- we were young and had a lot of time to be together and it was AWESOME!

Once I got into a joyful place life started flowing again.  I left corporate PR and became a massage therapist – just before a major financial downturn that likely would have ended my fancy job anyway!

And I delved into a more holistic lifestyle that had me feeling so good and so juiced up I met my husband.  Life sped up and we found ourselves married with two children within 5 years.

And again I was at a point where life overtook me and I was floundering in how to be a good Mom, good wife and joyful person.  This time the lesson hit harder, I had other people to consider and far less time to do it, but with the help of amazing girlfriends I found joy in one of my first loves: dance.

Dancing felt so good I looked for more places to do it, and more ways to share it and came upon Burlesque.  I started Burlesque classes to find a joyful place, and I’ve gotten so much more.  I’ve learned how to live in my Fabulousness, how to let my creative mind run free, how to create acts and shows to express myself, how to be a Boss Lady and how to share this vision and joy with others.

Building this joy was what led me to create BurlyQFit, because when life is gets good I go for World Peace and I can’t think of a better way to create a Peaceful World than by helping people release shame, fear and doubt.  Fabulous people will not tolerate a world of hate and humiliation, we don’t have time for anything that gets in the way of our joy and our ability to share that with others!

And the last few months keeping my own Fabulous has been hard, I mean REALLY HARD.  So last night while my oldest had a sleepover, my husband was working and my youngest was occupied with a cheesy superhero movie, I took time to do one of my favorite things: make a new costume.  (You thought I was going to say dance, didn’t you?)

Yup, blessed me, Burlesque contains many of my loves and playing with glitter, rhinestones and feathers is high on my list. So here they are, the little slice of joy I stocked up for myself to keep me going through the week, my fluffy poodle cuffs and anklets for a new act:

Because when you’re Fabulous and life gives you lemons -- you put feathers on them!  Well I do!

What are you doing today to bump up your joy and fill your cup?  Hit reply and tell me how you build your Fabulous or share a story in the BurlyQFit Babes Facebook Group – your stories inspire all of us to be more Fabulous together!
Bling & Blessings, Eva D’Luscious
Eva D’Luscious is a Burlesque performer and producer based in Portland, OR, and Creatrix of BurlyQFit – a body positive Burlesque technique and fitness program for women ready to strip away shame and shimmy into self-confidence. She doesn't always feel Fabulous, but when she does rhinestones and feathers are usually involved. Join the conversation about body positivity, fun fitness and boss babes ruling their lives in the BurlyQFit Babes Facebook Group
P.S. If you’re in Portland, OR, September 22 put on your vintage beach ware and come see the Poodle Act at StripCity Burlesque So Long Summer Beach Bash, I’m performing to live music by the Wanna Be-52’s!

P.S.S . If you’re stuck in building your joy, try a video on the streaming website, even a Quickie Workout will jumpstart your Fabulous!  There are several in the Free Trial -- what are you waiting for?!