Smoothie Time -- Eva's Favorite

Eva's Favorite Smoothie Recipe


I'm a better cook than baker, so my recipes rely on the "that looks about right" method; adjust as needed for your taste!  This makes about a 20oz smoothie.

  • Cover bottom of blender with a thick layer of frozen Organic Antioxidant Berries Mix (Costco)
  • Cover that with plain yogurt (I usually use goat yogurt from Trader Joe's)
  • Cover that with a thin layer of protein powder (chocolate is my favorite, but today I only had vanilla)
  • Pour in enough cranberry juice to cover all of the ingredients
  • Blend until satisfied

    When I really need to keep going I add cacao nibs to the mix or sprinkle them on top, but they don't go through straws very well.  Enjoy!!!