One of the hardest concepts to teach Burlesque and fitness students is the power of rest.  When you’re onstage to perform or in a studio to get fit, it often feels like you must constantly be moving and doing, constantly demonstrating your Fabulous.  But as in life, taking a moment to pause, be still and let the audience or your body process what has been happening is incredibly powerful, and incredibly important.

I’ve been a work hard, play hard person most of my life – the result being occasional burn out and forced rest when my body got sick or just too tired to do anything.  The wisdom of aging, and learning from more experienced sources has introduced me to the concept of REST HARD.  As in take breaks that are just as big and intense as your work and play so your body and mind can absorb and process all that you’ve been doing.  After all, if you don’t stop for a moment here and there to absorb and acknowledge your Fabulous, how can anyone else?

Love the concept, but can’t visualize yourself actually Resting Hard?  Me either! I choreograph rest or pauses into my stage acts and workouts to ensure they happen, and have determined I must do the same in life, starting small with a practice of Rest Hard and growing as I receive the rewards of a fabulous life balanced with working, playing and resting.

Our next BurlyQFit FunFitFabulous Challenge is Rest Hard so we can share and support each other as we build a Rest Hard practice.  Specifics on how to join the challenge beginning Sunday, May 7 are below, here are some tips to get you started:


My doodle-filled notebooks and twitchy feet testify to how hard being still is for me.  Yoga was my first step in Resting Hard because it links breathing with movement that engages my body and mind to quiet the mental chatter. After 60-ish minutes endeavoring to align my pelvis, spine, arms, legs, neck while breathing smoothly in a particular pattern, I am totally ready to bliss out in Shivasana. 

As I’ve become more active teaching fitness and Burlesque, and busy in life as a parent and business owner, I’ve shifted to more restorative styles of yoga so it remains restful, and I feel the difference in my mood and ability to calmly navigate life when I’m regularly practicing yoga. has many videos of different levels and time lengths to get you started, and no doubt there’s a local studio or two in your town. Of course if you’re new, start slow and remind yourself to enjoy the journey.

Deep Breathing

I learned this practice sometime during my early corporate career and often did this seated at my desk when the job got crazy.  It’s fast, simple and totally soothing.

·      Sit or lay down in a comfortable space
·      Inhale into the very bottom of your belly, filling the entire space – front, sides and back, exhale fully – repeat 4 more times
·      Inhale into the middle of your lungs, around your rib cage, filling the entire space, front, sides and back, exhale fully – repeat 4 more times
·      Inhale into the top of your lungs so your shoulders rise up, filling the entire space, front, sides and back, exhale fully – repeat 4 more times
·      Inhale to the bottom of your belly, then to the middle of your lungs, then to top of your lungs, filling each space fully, exhale beginning at the top of lungs, follow down to middle, follow down to bottom of belly – repeat 4 more times
·      Rest and enjoy the feeling of more oxygen in your body and a quieter mind.

Nature’s Helpers – Essential Oils

Nature has generously supplied us with scents for relaxing when we have trouble slowing down and soothing aches and pains so we can rest easy. Essential oils are concentrated liquids of aromatic compounds in plants, used for thousands of years to promote health and wellbeing.

I began using them many years ago for small things like scenting a room, and became more serious about them while breastfeeding and unsure about the safety of allergy medications.  A friend introduced me to dōTERRA oils, which I love for their quality, purity, and economy and now use daily in various forms to care for my self, family and home.

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Amanda Bishop is encouraging you to Rest Hard by contributing a fabulous Springtime Trio of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint Oils to our Rest Hard Challenge prizes.

Lavender oil is the gold standard of relaxation.  We see it in everything from candles to bath salts to cleaning supplies. The pure oil can be dropped on a pillowcase before bedtime to send you to sweet sleep, used to sooth bug bites and superficial burns (including sun burns!), and for calming cramps.  I add a few drops to a small glass jar of olive oil and rub it on my childrens’ feet before bed each night, even my teenager asks for it!   

Amanda calls Lemon “sunshine in a bottle.”  For an uplift she puts a few drops in her hands and inhales.  Put 2-3 drops in a glass (not plastic cup) of water and drink or gentle body cleansing, and use lemon for homemade, nontoxic cleaning products you’ll want to breath deep. As the only woman in a house of boys, I especially appreciate the cleansing power of lemon.

Peppermint is a wonderful oil before and after exercise.  When you’re ready for a workout, or focused activity, breathe peppermint in for motivation and clearing sinuses and lungs. Post workout rub peppermint diluted in a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil onto skin to cool and and sooth tired muscles.

I checked in with Amanda about two of my top uses for peppermint, tummy aches and headaches, and was pleased to learn that 1 drop of dōTERRA Peppermint Oil contains the healing power of 28 cups of peppermint tea.  For headaches rub diluted peppermint oil onto the area of most tension or pain, or use the pre-diluted Touch Form to simply apply wherever your need it.

Amanda is wealth of information about the specific properties and uses of individual and oil blends. Join her email list to receive recipes for self and home care, or purchase from her directly

Follow the instructions below to join the BurlyQFit Rest Hard Challenge.  In addition to the Springtime Oils from Amanda, you’ll receive a individual 1-Hour BurlyQFit session with me, and a 1 month unlimited membership for

I’d love to hear about your path to Resting Hard – the good, the bad, the blissful.  And of course you’re welcome to cheer for your fellow BurlyQFit Babes in their journey to Work Hard, Play Hard, Rest Hard and Be Fabulous.  Bling & Blessings, Eva D’Luscious

BurlyQFit Rest Hard Challenge Rules

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Winner will be randomly drawn from challenge participants May 15 I’ll draw and notified directly via social media, then posted to BurlyQFit.