Well Here's Some Good News!

This week was a bright spot in the constant gloom and doom of the news when enough members of the US Senate acted like true representatives of their constituents and supported access to healthcare for all.  It’s a reminder to speak up and participate, and that there are actually wonderful things happening in our world.

My mission with BurlyQFit is to celebrate the beauty of sexuality in every body and provide a safe space for women to play with this energy. Maintaining awareness of the good in the world is crucial to honoring this creative force. 
So I’ve developed several practices to help me hold this space for others. One of them is subscribing to sources of real life good news -- stories that uplift and celebrate humanity and give us a global, long-term perspective.  Here are a few of my favorite sources:

Great Big Story – Short, informative videos about awesome, strange, cool and funny things. Some of my favorites: the Italian man who is still building (after 30+ years) a human-powered amusement park in the woods; an African American man who draws giant cityscapes from memory; and how the Green Screen Grandma became a YouTube Star.
Small Victories Email News – Weekly newsletter highlighting successes of under-represented groups fighting to advance and preserve civil rights, healthcare and representation for all in America.

Rob Brezsny’s Freewill Astrology – I love how Rob combines knowledge from so many sources into witty and pointed horoscopes. He begins every weekly newsletter with a listing of good things happening worldwide like the Pope opening a free Laundromat for poor Romans or Indian doctors delivering baby girls free of charge to fight sexism.

Chani Nicholas Horoscopes – The most important news is personal, right?  I’ve found Chani’s horoscopes very insightful and I appreciate how her weekly newsletter begins with a global overview.  Chani also offers deeper online courses for sign-specific understanding of astrological events, like Eclipse Season, comets and each moon of the year with practices to utilize this energy to benefit you and our planet.
The Moth Podcast – First hand stories from all types of people about their lives.  So compelling, my kids request this podcast on road trips!  The Moth also hosts live meetings across America so you can meet the story tellers in person or become one.

Have any sources of good news to share? Tell us, we can all use an uplift!  Bling & Blessings, Eva

Eva D’Luscious is a Burlesque performer and producer based in Portland, OR, and Creatrix of BurlyQFit – a body positive Burlesque technique and fitness program for women ready to strip away shame and shimmy into self-confidence.  Join the conversation about body positivity, fun fitness and boss babes ruling their lives in the BurlyQFit Babes Facebook Group