When It's Time to Change

Babes, I started this message a few times, trying to sort out a fun, interesting way to say all that’s in my head.  And then I said “F%@k it!” -- there’s so much going on in my inside me right now it would take a Vulcan Mind Meld to share it.

The last month, and especially the last two weeks I’ve been in a dark place.  Not life threateningly dark, but truly feeling the affects of Mercury Retrograde, reviewing what I’m doing and where I am in my life, and not being entirely happy with it. 

Thank Goddess I have a partner mostly able to give me space when I must go deep inside myself to work things out and I’ve received many gifts for calming myself in these times – one of which I’m sharing with you below.

I’m biting my way out of a cocoon layer and will very soon be shifting what I offer the world.  For me I trust that it means living more authentically and putting my words into practice.  For you that means shifts in BurlyQFit.

I don’t know exactly how or when all of these changes will happen.  I will continue dancing, performing and teaching Burlesque, but in format that more closely follows my personal path of connection to Divine Feminine.  I’m considering New and Full Moon dance rituals, choreographies dedicated to specific Goddesses/aspects of Divine Femininity to bring that energy into our bodies, and more discussion of how to lovingly share this energy in the world.

I know “Goddess”, “Divine Feminine”, and “Witch” are thrown around a lot lately – mainly I think this is a good and evidence that these energies are needed in the world. This may get a little weird for some of you -- and it’s me.  Herbs, crystals, astrological readings, essential oils, energy work, I do it all, love it and look forward to diving into these more deeply and sharing them more broadly.

The format my teaching will take is in flux as I receive, download and organize this information.  So this is a little warning: If you’ve been thinking about trying BurlyQFit as it currently exists, do it now.  There’s still an awesome 14-day Free Trial, and sexy, fun choreographies with step-by-step instructions and Burlesque Technique to purchase On Demand.  Your sexier self will thank you, and so will anyone blessed enough to be around you.

I will still be silly, stupid, irreverent, sexy, and am clearly not entirely cleaning up my potty mouth, but the dance and discussion are becoming more sacred and specific to how we embody and express certain energies. I hope you’ll stick around while I stretch my butterfly wings and perhaps stretch yours too!

And here’s a little gift: my “Pump Me Up” Playlist full of songs I go to when I need extra encouragement in life, and some just plain fun energy to move my body.

As always, May The Fabulous Be With You!  Eva D’Luscious

PS: Since I first drafted this message, more details have become clear.  Join me in the Showgirl Temple if you wish dance your talk.  This Tuesday, September 19, I'll draw a Goddess card for the New Moon and over the next few weeks will craft those energies into a dance members can learn and dance together on the Full Moon.  The Facebook Group will be our space for sharing and discussing the energy we're working with: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Showgirl.Temple