Why Strip?

This is one of the very first things I wrote about performing Burlesque.  Though it's several years old, nothing about why I perform Burlesque has changed, it's only deepened and become more important to me!

There comes a time when every artist must ask themselves why they are doing their particular thing. In my case I wondered: "why am taking my clothes off for other people?"

My answer goes something like this: I've always felt that you can tell anyone just about anything, if you make it entertaining. And what I would like to tell everyone is that the flow of sexual energy is incredibly important to our world.

In the most basic way, this energy IS life force. It is what brings new lives into this world. That same energy creates new possibilities, generates new ideas, drives people to do amazing things (and some crazy too!).

It is the most powerful energy humans can create and share.

Think about how charged you feel after the best sex, do you feel like you can take on the world and make it The Garden of Eden?

Sexual energy must flow!

Please do note that I am not suggesting anyone should go about having sex with anyone and everyone possible. Spread yourself thin and wide and your power diminishes. Rather, be aware of this powerful energy and choose where you direct it -- I sincerely hope you will send it out with love!

There are so many ways to help this flow, but I don't want those to be expensive, or intellectually challenging, or practices that take years of training. Each of us has the power to generate this energy, and to release it and share it in the world.

Seems to me that the major roadblock is the shame our culture has heaped on our sexual energy.

In ancient times, Goddess cults would dance to invoke and embody this energy. I dance now to bring in that power and to encourage people to celebrate and explore their own sexual energy.

Peace, Love & Burlesque! Mwah!