What's BurlyQFit?

BurlyQFit is a dance fitness program created by me, Eva D'Luscious, that combines Classic Burlesque with modern fitness training, and community support.  Workouts are fun, safe, body-positive and available at several levels.  We build community via our BurlyQFit Babes Facebook Group, spontaneous in-person meetings, classes and workshops. Videos are available at BurlyQFit.com for on-demand streaming or an Unlimited Monthly Membership. I teach private classes online and in-person by appointment, and at occasional workshops.

What's Burlesque?

Historically Burlesque is "a literary, dramatic or musical work intended to cause laughter by caricaturing the manner or spirit of serious works, or by ludicrous treatment of their subjects." It's hundreds of years old. Contemporary Burlesque includes striptease and dance, ranges from sexy to satire to statement, or all of these and more. Burlesque is body positive and inclusive, putting the performer in control of their presentation.  I consider Burlesque a mutual flirtation with the audience. I strive to stun them, leave them wanting more and make myself happy in the process.

I'm Not Sexy Enough for Burlesque or BurlyQFit

I hear you, society heaps a lot of shame on women, just for being women.  If we don't fit into a preconceived category of current "beauty", "sexy", "hot" we don't feel "enough". Or things like parenthood, work, adulting and caring for others zap our sexy feelings.  I've totally been there -- that's why I started performing Burlesque after becoming a Mom, and that's why I love sharing this with other women.

My body changed a lot through motherhood, and that was nothing compared to the whammy punch to my psyche.  I was a emotional mess, never feeling like I did enough for my kids or my husband, so I did what our society tells us and worked harder -- which was even more exhausting. I wasn't doing enough to refill my cup. Thank Goddess I have always been a dancer and I made some good friends who also are dancers, so we went to classes together for some shimmy time.  

Over time the joy in the studio seeped into other areas of my life and I was able to get back to a version of normal.  Then I discovered Burlesque, and I went beyond normal to recover my sexy self and live Fabulously.

And who is to say how sexy you are? Take back your power and decide for yourself if you're sexy or not (and you don't always need to be!).  Sexy is a feeling you can nurture through practice when you have a safe, compassionate space to explore that feeling -- this is what I offer you.  Do the workouts in your own safe space -- you an I are the only ones who know you're practicing -- until you start shining so much people ask you what's shifted ;)

I'm Not a Dancer

No worries!  I've taught non-dancers how to shake it for years!  I break down moves into basic parts then repeat them for practice.  Run the videos as many times as you desire to feel comfortable; since you're doing them in your own safe space only your pets and houseplants will know if you stepped left instead of right.  This is about building skills, not auditioning for The Rockettes.  I've literally flailed around in dance classes for months before I would ever dream of performing something -- and I've danced my entire life.  My Dad taught me that if "you're not failing, you're not trying".  Go ahead, push some boundaries!

As with any exercise program, only you and your healthcare providers can accurately determine what is safe for your body.  I maintain Group Exercise Certification from the Athletics & Fitness Association of America and create all of my workouts with physical safety in mind because I want all of us to dance long and strong.  Be gentle with yourself, drink plenty of water after your workouts, warm-up slowly and be sure to stretch and cool down. Above all, listen to your body, these workouts are meant to uplift you!

Will This Be Safe for My Body?

Create a free account with no credit card to receive a 14-day trial of select videos marked with a "Free Trial" badge.  After that, purchase individual videos on demand for the fee listed and stream that video for 2 weeks OR purchase an Unlimited Monthly Membership to stream any video at any time. You can upgrade from On Demand to Monthly Membership at any time. Click here for video streaming technical requirements.  

Private classes are scheduled with Eva via Calendly.  Visit this page for details, then follow the links to schedule a class.  You will receive the studio address for an in-person class after scheduling, or a link to a Talky Video Chat Room for online class.

How Does it Work?

I know all about that!  I am the main childcare provider for two active boys, housekeeper, performer, show producer and Founder of BurlyQFit.  I'm cheating a bit because I've made my passion for dance my work, and it's still hard for me to get into the studio. So I've created and will continue creating Quickie Workouts to target specific areas and Warm Ups for an all over shake out.  And you don't even have to worry about going to gym or studio!

PS - If you don't make time for you no one else will -- you totally deserve it, and taking time for you makes you a better person all around, just sayin'.

I Don't Have Much Time


We've got you! Join the BurlyQFit Babes Facebook Group and ask for an accountability buddy.  We're here to cheer for each other, virtually or in person.  Or ask a friend over to do BurlyQFit with you.  In my world more friends = more fun!

The goal of BurlyQFit is to help you live Fabulously -- we use workouts as a tool to get there because feeling good in your body builds energy you want to keep flowing.  There have been days in the past when I "just didn't feel like it", and I've forced myself to start enough times to know that unless I'm ill, injured or truly exhausted, I will feel a million times better after working out.  And when I keep that energy flowing, I feel better in my life all around.  The curves you build are a bonus for dancing to feel good!

I'm Bad At Keeping Myself Accountable