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May The FABULOUS Be With You!

FABULOUS knows what she wants and where she’s going. She loves herself for who she is where she is, even as she becomes a more shining version of herself.  FABULOUS takes responsibility for honoring and caring for herself, and knows there are many sources to fill her cup.

Sound good? OF COURSE! Sound like wishful thinking?  I HEAR YOU.  In 2010 I didn’t feel like a good enough mother to my sons, sexy enough wife, or successful enough woman. I was distinctly UNFABULOUS.

And then I discovered that that the secret to living FABULOUSLY is finding a way to embody those feelings as often as possible.  Real world practice for keeping myself in a FABULOUS space.  Thinking, reading and talking about FABULOUS is important, AND as humans in human bodies we need to move our bodies in
FABULOUS ways to bring that energy deep into ourselves so we can live it.

My path to FABULOUS has been through the sparkling world of Burlesque. If this makes you say "Eeeek, I'm not that sexy!!" or "Interesting, but where to begin?", I've got you! And of course I'm here for the
ladies ready to strut through this door too!  

BurlyQFit is for women ready to dissolve shame, grow self-confidence and rule their lives FABULOUSLY.

Through body positive online workouts, Burlesque Technique videos and optional private instruction I will teach you the moves and style to feel as sassy and confident as a Burlesque Queen,
and live your own FABULOUS.

Keep it at home, share it with a partner, or take it to the stage --
FABULOUS is with always with you, let’s get started! XO Eva D'Luscious


What's Burlesque Anyway?

Historically Burlesque is "a literary, dramatic or musical work intended to cause laughter by caricaturing the manner or spirit of serious works, or by ludicrous treatment of their subjects." It's hundreds of years old. Contemporary Burlesque includes striptease and dance, ranging from sexy to satire to statement, or all of these and more. It's body positive and inclusive, putting the performer in control of their presentation.  I consider Burlesque a mutual flirtation with the audience. I strive to stun them, leave them wanting more and make myself happy in the process.


Is BurlyQFit For Me?


BurlyQFit is for you if say: “I’m not sexy enough.” I have no judgements about how sexy you are, or think you aren’t -- this is a space to learn.  BurlyQFit breaks sexy movements down into bits so you can get them into your body, get comfortable through practice, and add the sexy attitude.

BurlyQFit is for you if you say: “I barely have time.”  This is exactly what zapped my joy and spiraled me into feeling “not enough”.  You don’t have time not to do something awesome for yourself.  BurlyQFit has workouts, Burlesque Technique and Choreography videos from 15 – 60+ minutes with no travel time!

Still not sure?  Get 7 Secrets Burlesque Can Teach You About Living Fabulously --  
this is the foundation of BurlyQFit and all of it can be put to work for your FABULOUS right now.


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What's Stopping Your FABULOUS?


You've Got This -- I've Got You -- And You're FABULOUS!  XO Eva D'Luscious