Referral Program

Hey BurlyQFit Babe!

I believe you’ve enjoyed what I’ve shared with you so far, I certainly appreciate what I’ve learned working with you and want to share the love and knowledge further.

You’re experience is the best recommendation another person could receive for BurlyQFit so I’ve created a Referral Program that gives you private consultation time with me! 

Simply share why you love BurlyQFit with other women ready to step into their FABULOUS and encourage them to sign up for a free trial.  They DO NOT need a credit card to sign up, it’s REALLY free, they just need to use the link you give them to reach the sign up form. The first time a Babe signs up based on your Referral (with your link), you receive 30 minutes toward a private session with me, each Babe after that adds 15 more minutes to your time.

Want a really easy way to start your account with 30 minutes? Make a super short video about “Why I love BurlyQFit” or “This is what BurlyQFit has done for me”, and email to me at with your permission for me to share it, or post it directly in the BurlyQFit Babes Facebook Group, and I'll credit you with 30 minutes from the get go, easy!

If you already have an online account, login into your Profile Page and use your individual Referral Link to share BurlyQFit.  If you do not yet have a account, please create one -- now you're able to purchase On Demand videos too.

We'll keep track of the time accrued, but we do ask you to be responsible for booking the session via my online scheduler. You will simply book the amount of time that corresponds to what you've accrued in your Referral Account, sign the waiver if needed, and then we'll dance!

Thanks for dancing with me, and for sharing BurlyQFit, this world needs your FABULOUS!