Do I need dance experience?

Nope! Many of my students have no or very little dance experience and have a great time learning. I’ve trained in various styles of dance since age 3, and I’m still learning myself! But I love to nerd out on body mechanics and how to help students connect with their physical bodies to provide a solid foundation for growing skills and dancing safely through life.

I actually have a lot of dance experience, so I really need classes to start performing Burlesque?

Even growing up dancing I’ve learned a lot of special tricks with audience engagement and clothing removal in Burlesque classes that my ballet and jazz instructors never taught. And 7+ years into performing Burlesque I still take classes from more experienced Burleskers. Your dance background will serve you well, and these classes can give you a jump start into a new performance style and introduce you to a new scene.

What do you mean by body positive?

I believe that any and every body has the potential to enjoy Burlesque and entertain other people, and ShowGirl Temple is a safe, supportive space to try on your Fabulous self. I’ll work with you to make adjustments needed in movement and training to ensure you feel good in your body and enjoy the dance. As a certified fitness instructor I’m also careful to be sure you warm up at the beginning of a class and stretch at the end to keep your body and heart happy.

Do you teach a particular style of Burlesque?

I teach basic moves like bumps, grinds, shimmies, strutting and turns that are often used in the original era of Burlesque (1920s-60-ish) as building blocks for movement and good ways to warm up and train your body, along with bits I’ve learned in ballet, Jazz, belly dance and samba. I also focus on building an engaging stage presence so you feel good entertaining an audience. Whatever music you use, story you want to tell or feelings you want to convey are yours — This is a celebration of you and your willingness to share yourself — I’m here to help you shine.